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Ashwin Upadhyaya's Journal


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 -38 months : Best friend flew out of the country for his studies. I knew there would be no more of 'watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S', 'playing NFS', etc. Now, even when he's back, it is just about meeting at least once in his tight schedule. 

-10 months : 2 more best friends leave country for studies. I am sure they will be busy than ever before. I doubt if another Wayanad trip will ever be possible.
-9 months  : 2 more best friends leave. Not sure if another Goa trip will ever happen.
-2 months  : 1 more best friend
-1 week    : another best friend
0 days     : another best friend
+15 days   : 2 more best friends 
Nothing will be the same again. Its not that all of them are staying there forever. Its just that distances keep increasing every day. And now, with everyone flying to seemingly greener pastures, distances seem to increase even faster.

Many of the purposes and values that got engraved within me were only because of close ones; parents and friends. However, friends were the only ones with whom I could discuss these. Now, when there is not much of a chance to sit together and discuss thoughts, a new sense of 'lack of direction' seems to haunt me.

Life until now was like the first 3 kms of a marathon with lots of people around. The remaining distance is just run, run, run, on and on, on and on.
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