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This is not freedom.

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This is not freedom.

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Imagine you had a beautiful ancestral farm which is the sole source of your income. You may not earn much over there but that is the place you were born, brought up and now live. I am not sure if the typical city-fellow can experience the kind of emotion associated with such a thing but the majority of rural India lives on such emotions. If you can somehow associate with such an emotion, imagine being bullied by a rich guy to sell your farm for a price.

Example this: "Some farmers refused to take the Rs 5 lakh, but “some politicians” are believed to have told them that either they take the money or the government will go ahead and acquire their land after depositing the amount in court. “Afraid of litigation, some farmers in our village have taken the cheques,” said Surada Venkanna in Rambilli."
I quote this from an article in the Indian Express:
Corridor of Greed in Andhra Pradesh

What can you call such atrocity? Where is the right of the individual? What right do the so called "nation-builders" have, to ask the individual in concern to sacrifice himself for the development of the nation?

This I am sure was not the idea of freedom at the time of Independence. Freedom should first start at the lowest level, the individual. If every individual is sacrificed for a "greater-cause" at the cost of his freedom, then I am not sure if we are really better off than the stalinist government of the soviet era.

What happened to the poor farmers may one day happen to me too. It may one day happen to you too. Albeit in different forms. And its not really a good feeling to live with closed eyes.
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