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Ashwin Upadhyaya's Journal

French Rocks Rocks :)

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French Rocks Rocks :)

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French rocks is a 2 century old name of the town of Pandavpura, 25kms from Mysore. During the time of Tipu Sultan, his French allies supposedly made their barracks at the rocky hills just adjacent to Pandavpura. As a result, the town was known as French Rocks. This week, we tried to conquer the rocks.

At the start, we thought this was a wasted trip. It was just rocks. Not much greenery too. However, after climbing some 300 feet, the beauty of the place was self-evident.

The rocks provide plenty of photo opportunities :-)

After recording all the scenic beauty in our brains, we set out on our next task. Conquering the peak.

After trying every sort of rock climbing skill that we know of, we reached a maze of caves and crevices.

In the end, our efforts to climb the last 100 foot high rock-face proved futile. There was not a single way this could be conquered without proper rock climbing tools. The French rock defeated us :-( I will be back here again another day..

Coming back was an even tougher task. There was no way we could retrace our path too. Every direction we went, we reached a cliff-edge or a crevice or a thorn bush.

Somehow, after a lot of cuts and bruises, we were back down to where we started.
This is one of those places you could visit for a real trek as there are no man-made paths up the hill. You have to make the path yourself. The entire trek takes less than 3 hours but is perfectly enjoyable. The place rocks.

PS: This place is better known as Kunti Betta.

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