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Ashwin Upadhyaya's Journal

Google chrome

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Google chrome

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The new browser from google is not a browser at all. Its almost an operation system. See this:

3 different processes are seen here in the task manager. What this means is that, each new tab you open on the chrome browser is a separate process in itself. This is exactly what is required in the changed internet environment where we use less and less of websites and more and more of applications. Opening youtube, google docs and gmail in different tabs is the equivalent to opening windows media player, ms-word and outlook on your windows OS. Obviously, these are different processes. The firefox/internet-explorer/opera way of handling all as a single process results in the browser getting bogged down. Try the chrome and you'll know how fast it is in an instant. Moreover, if one of the tabs crashes, the other tabs still remain intact.

Reflecting google's style of minimalistic design and simplicity, the chrome occupies very less space for its own buttons and looks empty empty indeed. Websites now look larger and much better. When you are working on something like google docs, it takes less than a minute to forget that you are actually within a browser.

All said, is it time to dump the old browsers and embrace chrome? NO. NOT YET. I don't know how, but google forgot to ship its
toolbar along with the browser. As all my bookmarks are in google bookmarks, I terribly miss the toolbar. At the time when I write this, the google toolbar page doesn't even seem to know that there is a google browser :P However, I forgive google for this goof because chrome is still a test version.
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